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Greenify Cape Town

Our story begins on a bright Friday afternoon in the Cape Town CBD. It’s a public holiday and people are taking it slow – easing in to their long weekend. The three level 8 Ingress players in the CBD have … Continue reading

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How long can your smartphone last as a portable hotspot?

Have you ever wondered how long your phone would last as a portable hotspot? I recently started wondering this for a very simple reason. I bought a Nexus 7 and it doesn’t have 3G. (Sidenote: I had an ASUS Transformer … Continue reading

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ROM Review: BiffMod 2.0

If you scroll back a bit in my posting history, you’ll see that I upgraded my phone at the start of the year. I got the HTC Tattoo, a fairly low-end smartphone that runs Android 1.6. From that point, I … Continue reading

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Soon, my pretties…

I’m in the process of shifting my blog from MyOpera over to WordPress, though it seems like I’ll have to do it manually which might take some time. If, by some miracle, you’ve stumbled upon this blog and you think … Continue reading

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