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DRM: A true story (involving Dragon Age 2)

DRM. Three letters that make every honest gamer’s skin crawl. It’s an acronym for “Digital Rights Management” and it’s present in almost every digital media out there – music, film & video, ebooks and, yes, games. In most cases it’s … Continue reading

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How to Get Your Hands On Elusive Tech

Getting your hands on the latest technology can be quite difficult, especially in South Africa where we often don’t see the latest gadgets until a few months after its launch overseas, if at all. The onus is thus up to … Continue reading

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Nokia Ovi Music – Worth It?

Nokia recently launched their Ovi Music Store in South Africa. I decided to give it a test to see if it was worth mentioning. First: in order to buy anything, you need to create an account – which is surprisingly … Continue reading

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Why You Should Rather Buy On The Interblags

So you want to buy something – for the sake of this argument let’s say you want to buy an adaptor for your phone so that you can plug in any earphones you want. You know the product you’re looking … Continue reading

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