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Normalisation of The Meaning of Life

What happens when you combine the effects of Linear Algebra, Mathematical Modeling, Philosophy and awesome literature? Find out now! If we first start by assuming that the meaning of life is a n-dimensional vector: vMoL = [v1, v2,…,vn] of which … Continue reading

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A Day To Remember?

It seems that this year wants to be a memorable one until its final dying breath. It’s true, it’ll be a year that many of us will remember for a long time still (but perhaps we would rather like to … Continue reading

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Post Zero

If you read the short(below the title) then you would already know that this blog is intended to be about many things, all of which interest me in one way or another. These may be anything from technological or gaming … Continue reading

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Soon, my pretties…

I’m in the process of shifting my blog from MyOpera over to WordPress, though it seems like I’ll have to do it manually which might take some time. If, by some miracle, you’ve stumbled upon this blog and you think … Continue reading

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