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Amazon Kindle update: What does it mean for SendToReader and DroidToReader?

I received an email from Amazon yesterday evening informing me of some updates to the Kindle Personal Documents service. The updates are as follows: Documents are now archived in your Kindle library. Archived documents can be re-downloaded to the new … Continue reading

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New app on Android Market: PaSTE

Today, I am happy to announce my second entry into the Android Market: Plain and Simple Text Editor, or PaSTE. The idea behind it is fairly straightforward: text editors for Android are usually just note-taking applications. They’re built to take … Continue reading

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How to add keyboard shortcuts to your Android app

With a simple keyboard accessory, a tablet becomes a decent approximation of a netbook (which might be part of the reason they seem to be eating into that market). The problem is that not many Android developers make use of … Continue reading

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DroidToReader: Send web pages to your Kindle from your Droid

SendToReader is a web application that allows you to send web pages to your Kindle. Pages sent this way are formatted so that they look and feel like a Kindle book. This means that you don’t have to read long … Continue reading

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