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Photo journal: Oranjezight City Farm

A recent post on DPS suggested that keeping a photo journal can help my photography. It seemed like a great idea. With a journal, not only can I see what my photos were like a few weeks, months, or years ago, … Continue reading

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Greenify Cape Town

Our story begins on a bright Friday afternoon in the Cape Town CBD. It’s a public holiday and people are taking it slow – easing in to their long weekend. The three level 8 Ingress players in the CBD have … Continue reading

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Ingress Resistance agents in South Africa create massive field

On Friday night, 14 June, at approximately 20h15 UTC+2, Resistance agents MadMonk3y, tensor, and Krow, linked portals at Sunningdale Village (in Umhlanga),  Paarl Bergrivier Boulevard Sou (in Paarl), and Donkey at KFC (in Polokwane), creating a field of over 16 … Continue reading

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How long can your smartphone last as a portable hotspot?

Have you ever wondered how long your phone would last as a portable hotspot? I recently started wondering this for a very simple reason. I bought a Nexus 7 and it doesn’t have 3G. (Sidenote: I had an ASUS Transformer … Continue reading

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An open rant about the Gautrain

I take the Gautrain every weekday. It’s convenient, it saves me from traffic, and time/price-wise it works out very well. It almost sounds like I think the Gautrain is perfect, but that’s what this post is about. The Gautrain has … Continue reading

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Ubuntu 11.10, Eclipse, and overlay scrollbars

I’ve been having some problems with Eclipse on Ubuntu 11.10 with regards to the new scrollbars. Specifically, they just don’t show up. It seems I’m not the only one, and there is a bug report for it already. Naturally, I … Continue reading

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What I’m hoping for in Android Ice-Cream Sandwich

Over the past week or so (since the Samsung/Google event got postponed), we’ve seen a load of leaks for the upcoming release of Android – Ice-Cream Sandwich. Whether these leaks can be believed is for each person to decide for … Continue reading

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