Photo journal: Oranjezight City Farm

A recent post on DPS suggested that keeping a photo journal can help my photography.

It seemed like a great idea. With a journal, not only can I see what my photos were like a few weeks, months, or years ago, but I can also write down what I was thinking, feeling, what the conditions were like, and how I went about editing the particular photo.

However, I wanted to take it a step further and share that informatio. While reflecting on my own work would be great, I think it would be even better to hear what other people’s thoughts are regarding my photos and my process behind making them. More than that, there is the slim chance that my experience could spark another person’s creativity, and that thought already makes me smile.

Without further ado, here are some recent photos of mine:

These were taken at the Oranjezight City Farm Market Day which takes place every Saturday at Leeuwenhof – the official residence of the Premier of the Western Cape. The market plays host to a variety of vendors selling all kinds of delicious things, and there’s a large tent area where one can buy fresh produce grown in the local Oranjezight City Farm. It’s one of the many buzzing markets around Cape Town that I would recommend to anyone.

Strawberry cups

As this was my first visit to the market I was trying to take in as much as possible. This particular arrangement of cupcakes caught my eye the first time I passed them, and I simply had to go back to at least get a photo of them. I regret not buying them all.

Besides the fact that I love chocolate, and strawberries, and cupcakes, what I think drew me in was the striking colours and elegant arrangement. A dark base, with a light top covered with colourful red and green makes for a wonderful contrasting image. In post-processing, I simply wanted to increase the contrast and make sure that the colour caught the viewer’s eye (and made them want to sink their teeth into those strawberries) – nothing fancy.


My second photo is from the same vendor, though this time including some other elements.

In this photo, I liked the arrangement a lot. The light caught the brand on the jar beautifully, making it hard to miss. My favourite cupcakes are back in the bottom right (how could I leave them out?).

I tried to make sure the background wasn’t unrecognisably blurred out, as I wanted the owner preparing a scone for a customer as part of the image – without her there is no story to tell here.

That’s it for now! Let me know what you think and what you’d like to know more about


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