Greenify Cape Town

Our story begins on a bright Friday afternoon in the Cape Town CBD. It’s a public holiday and people are taking it slow – easing in to their long weekend.

The three level 8 Ingress players in the CBD have decided, however, that the time is ripe to cause some chaos and to build as many high-level portals as they can – a beautiful green farm promising a greener, stronger future.

They begin their mission at the famous statues in Adderly street. These portals are well known because there are quite a few of them in a very small area – easy AP and item gathering. The problem is that these portals are so close together, that when they become high-level enough with links and fields running around, it becomes near impossible to distinguish one cluster from the other, let alone find any specific portal. But I digress…Image

From here, the three intrepid characters – JPAB, Cragongslammer, and HawkiesZA (that’s me!) – go up along Adderly street towards the Bartholomeus Dias Statue, and then down and around Thibault square and back up along Adderly fountain, claiming portals and setting up control fields as they go.

Into the four-wheel motorised transport they got, and shot up Adderly towards Gardens, where they claimed and upgraded portals in Spin and Wale street.

At this point there was a choice: either they could expand the level 7 farm, or they could recapture and upgrade portals that run along Table Mountain and Lion’s head. With some slight convincing the latter road was taken while leaving behind a small trail of desolation.

Though they were troubled with bad cell reception, our heroes managed to upgrade all the portals and received a few keys in return for their troubles.

Cragongslammer had been searching his intel map and announced that he had found three targets that could be used to create a large field that could encompass Cape Town CBD (Lion’s Head Entrance, Golden Seal Statue at the V&A Waterfront, and Stay Strong in Woodstock). It wouldn’t be easy – there were a few blocking links from both friend and foe and the risk was always there that the Resistance would realise the plan and stop it before it came to fruition. But the links could be cleared and the potential payoff was well worth the risk.

There were enemy blocking links from Green Point to the Waterfront and at the Waterfront itself, while friendlies had managed to run blocking links from the CBD to Woodstock (and HawkiesZA had accidentally made another blocking link in Gardens before the new plan).

Off to Green Point they went, where they destroyed and deployed portals, but trying to be careful to deploy in a way that would make it hard for other friendlies to ruin their work. They then went to the Waterfront where they almost cleared everything out in seconds, but a nasty ghost link threatened to spoil the plan. They quickly identified a secondary portal (Mitchell’s Brewery) that could be used, and carried on to remove HawkiesZA’s accidental link in record time.

Unfortunately, game time had run out for JPAB – he had other plans that couldn’t be postponed. His contributions would not be forgotten, but Crangongslammer and HawkiesZA would carry on.First link to Lion's head

The two continued to Woodstock, where they used another ADA to remove the second friendly blocking link. They proceeded to “Stay Strong” where they made the first link to Lion’s Head Entrance and each managed to nab a key. The rush was on, but Cape Town’s traffic lights didn’t give a single…

However, the Resistance were quiet. Nothing troubled HawkiesZA or Cragongslammer’s scanners as they feverishly made their way back to Mitchell’s Brewery. Once there, practically banging on their phones and almost yelling at people to stop hogging the bandwidth, they checked and rechecked until the right possible links showed up (it felt like an eternity, but it was really more like 30 seconds) – Lion’s Head Entrance and Stay Strong…link, link…and their screens glowed green as an almost 6900MU field filled them.


Drinks were in order while they waited on the response from the Resistance, but by the time they had finished only one lone agent had arrived. He left once he realised he was up against two watchful defenders, though that could hardly be the end?


As Cragongslammer and HawkiesZA were on their way home, Soulkiss came along and used an ADA on the Lion’s Head Entrance. Back to the mountain they went, used a Jarvis on the same portal, and recreated the links to Mitchell’s Brewery and Stay Strong.



This was definitely a successful night for the Enlightened and goes to show that by working together even a few can do something big.



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