Back in The Game (Which I Just Lost)

I’ve been moving and shifting and tweaking everything from my blog over at My Opera to here, and today is the day that I officially say “It is done.”.

Everything that I wanted to move over has been moved over, though the dates and times have been thoroughly messed up – which is why I’ve kept the posts at My Opera for now. I’ll delete them later this month to avoid the “cyber-squatter” remarks.

I’m still working on the Look for the blog – playing around with themes and such. If anyone has any suggestions or remarks, I’m wide open to them (yeah, yeah, that’s what she said). I’d like to use one of the themes with a custom header, but my artistic skills are commonly seen in pre-primary school classes. If someone would like to make one for me, I’d welcome it (and of course credit the awesome artist).

As for the title: If you know about The Game, then you know I just lost it. So did you. If you don’t know about The Game then click this link to learn about it. You hate me now, don’t you?


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One Response to Back in The Game (Which I Just Lost)

  1. Cleric says:

    Yo! So you gonna be blogging here from now on… OK. I’ll help with a custom header if you’ll allow me. You know how to contact me 😉

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