The Woes of Hardware

In case you’re wondering, no my recently acquired mouse is fine, as is my Android. My hard drive, however, is not.

Yesterday evening (Sunday) my 2 month old 500GB Seagate drive decided to crash with no warning whatsoever. One minute I was happily watching some series, the next I’m staring at a black screen that says something like “The required device could not be located. Error code 0xc000000e”. Fan-flaming-tastic.

I haul out my install disk and after about half an hour, several reboots and eventually a manual boot-sector repair, I manage to get it working. For the space of about twenty minutes – whereafter it brings up the same error message. Oh joy, I’ve seen this one before. I repeat the process of repairing, but this time I waste no time when I get it working again. Straight to the saved games folder(priorities, right?) – backup the saves; next up, backup my Steam files – cap is expensive and time is gaming. Ten minutes after I’m done with that, pop goes the drive and gives me the black screen treatment.

The worst part is that this isn’t the first hard drive to die on me in recent times. Not even the second. I’ve had three unique drives die in the space of a few months; all of them Seagates. I still have my old Western Digital(4GB) and Maxtor(40GB) here(not installed in any machine though…) and they still work – granted they go slightly faster than a speeding glacier, but they still function normally. Those bad boys have been with me since before I was in high school, so almost a decade now.

Another friend of mine tells me that he lost two Seagates last week. What is up with these hard drives?


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