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I realised today that it’s been a very long time since I last posted anything, reason being (and I’ll stick to this through and through) that between varsity and the new work there just hasn’t been a lot of time for it. But, I am on holiday (of sorts) now so I’ll try to catch up everything in a (hopefully) not too lengthy post.

First, I’m happy to say that the insurance did finally replace my lightning-wasted computer with a brand new beast. It’s not exactly what I ordered, but the rig is no less a monster. Their biggest blunder was by far giving me 32-bit Windows 7 (which I did not request in any form or fashion) for a machine that has 4GB RAM in it. Congratulations to my insurance for proving their complete ignorance <claps hands/>. Other than that minor hiccough, it’s quite nice to play new games on max settings for a change.

University has been going well, my marks are averaging around a distinction-level which I am extremely happy about.

As far as work goes, I stopped working at Zieto at the start of March as I received and accepted the official offer from EPI-USE. Getting there was a bit of a challenge, though I’m sure that many other people have had more grueling interviews; this was definitely different. First they requested that I do a programming assignment – nothing too intense and I managed it with time to spare. After this I received a callback for an interview in which they wanted me to do a presentation on something that I’m passionate about. This was definitely new to me. I’m used to the Q&A sessions and I’ve heard of places where they give you a problem on the spot and tell you to solve it, but giving a presentation…What?! I figured that this must be their scare tactic: Put a newbie in front of a bunch of strangers and tell him to present. They explained their rationale to me afterwards, it goes like this: They’re a consultancy firm so they need to be sure that the potential consultants they hire have the two basic skills that they tested me on, programming and presenting, because that makes up most of your work as a consultant. About a week after this ordeal, I had a meeting with the Manager at which he gave me the unofficial offer and a few days later I received the official offer. I accepted and now I’m busy learning about SAP and their wonderful </sarcasm> language ABAP.

Hobby-X took place at the Coca Cola Dome a few weeks ago and my sister-in-law and I decided to go check it out, mainly to go do a session on chainmail. Since then I’ve been experimenting with as few different weaves on and off; I’ll see if I can get a few decent photos of that up here.

I finally managed to play through Dragon Age: Origins and I’m busy working on my final thoughts and review for it. I’m going to give Borderlands a crack next – as soon as Steam decides to play along and actually let me play my game.

I might also do a bit of a hardware review; I just bought a Razer Orochi mouse – I needed a decent mouse for my laptop and I figured I might as well use it to replace my desktop mouse as it’s been giving me problems when gaming – as well as a Razer Kabuto mousepad. So far it’s been gaming goodness.

As far as tech-news goes, this weekend has been rife with news, reviews and pictures of the iPad since its release on the 3rd. I’m not an Apple fan in any sense and I’m happy to see that the world hasn’t gone entirely ga-ga over it[EDIT Ha-ha, looks like the joke was on me. Are people really this desperate for a tablet?]. It looks like a good product, make no mistake, but I don’t like a number of things about it and I don’t see myself spending $500 for it when I’ve seen the announcements for many other tablets that address those issues in full. I like options and in a few months there will be many options to choose from.

In HTC/Android news, HTC has been very busy since the start of this year releasing the Legend(pictured right) as well as the Google-Nexus-One-based-Desire(pictured below). On top of that, it seems that they do listen to what people say and suggest and have released the beauty of a device – the Evo 4G(pictured at the bottom of the page). I’d love to see what they do in future to top that!


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