Local News Update – More Racism Claims Surface

Just a quick post.

An article on News24 gave me some hope at the start of this new year.

It’s a story about two caucasian (around here we just call it ‘white’) hikers who were refused access to low cost rooms apparently because of the colour of their skin. They’ve filed complaints at AfriForum which has in turn complained to the SA Human Rights Commission.

The reason it gave me hope is not because I’m white – it’s because this is hopefully the start to some true regeneration. We’ve been fighting for equality in just about every form for so long and it has long been time for everyone in this country to realise that the cry of “Racism” goes both ways and that “Job Equality” has nothing to do with the ratio of black:white people working at your company, but has to do with giving everyone – regardless of their skin colour or ethnicity – an equal chance at getting the job that they are qualified to do.

Maybe this will finally start the journey to true equality. Maybe it’s going to be thrown out and laughed at. Here’s hoping for the former.


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