Leaf’s Update on Android Devices

I’ve been extremely quiet on this blag over the past few weeks. I’ve had a lot to say, I just didn’t consider putting it up here for some or other reason. Today, I’m taking a look at Leaf’s plans for their HTC Android-devices.

I’ve been waiting for this update for a while now: MyBroadband posted an article in which they relate the straight answers they got from Leaf, the South African distributors of HTC devices. HTC announced earlier that they would be updating most Android devices released in 2010 to 2.2(Froyo) and later mentioned specific devices. Either HTC meant something different, or Leaf does not quite share this philosophy.

Leaf said that they would be releasing a 2.1(Eclair) update for the Hero. The Hero has been stuck on 1.5(Cupcake) since its release which has left many owners disappointed. This update is long due, but is not without it’s disappointment as it will probably be its last.

Together with the above announcement, Leaf also said that they would be bringing 2.2(FroYo) to the Desire. No other phones would be getting this upgrade, not even the Legend – which was released around the same time as the Desire.

These announcements leave owners of the Dream, Magic and Tattoo out in the cold, runnning – at best – 1.6(Doughnut). This then also means that when the 2.1 update for the Hero arrives, it will not be remarkably different from the Legend – except for the price difference.

I can understand that hardware eventually gets old – trying to run Android on a Nokia 3310 is just plain silly, however what I understand Leaf to be saying is that they only really want to be supporting the single best device that is available to them, even though they released several devices. I can understand that they have a finite amount of resources, but if they didn’t want to support the devices then they should never have released them. I don’t appreciate being given an option, but secretly that option is taken away.

I’d love to know why they aren’t supporting any of the other devices any further, but it’s taken this long to get half a straight answer out of them so I’m not going to hold my breath.

The biggest problem to me with what Leaf is doing now is sullying the Android name when it’s not Android’s fault. Google releases the updates but leaves it up to the manufacturers to update their devices – each of which has different hardware and should have the OS tailored to it for optimal performance. Google has been cranking out the new releases at at alarming rate, but Motorola has been able to keep up – probably because they don’t skin their device with something like Sense which, let’s face it, isn’t necessary with 2.2 anymore. Google/Android isn’t to blame, HTC might be to blame (for not saying and probably doing anything about the devices that were released in late 2009) but most of all I blame Leaf – many other customers will however not see it like this.

Luckily, for those of us who are being left without our share of Eclairs and FroYo, we have the XDA community. If you’re one of the sad panda’s like me, being told I’m not worth it, then climb on there and take your pick of custom ROM’s. You’ll need to root your device, so I’d suggest looking at theunlockr and their large list of “How To”-video’s to learn how to root your device, backup your current ROM, and flash a new one.

As for the future? Well, I don’t think I’ll be buying anything Leaf-related anytime soon.


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