Keep It In Sync

Yes you read that right and no I don’t mean the boy band that terrorised us for almost a decade.

This is about synchronising your files, browser and general computing experience to a greater extent. Over the past few days I’ve discovered some useful software that can help achieve this idealistic end. This also serves as a quick compendium for syncing your goods for free (without infringing on some copyright law, that is…).

  1. Opera. No not the musical number featuring (stereotypically) rotund people dolled up to the extreme. I’m talking here about the Web Browser that you should be familiar with (if you haven’t realised yet, you’re actually viewing my blog My Opera community). The browser is one of the top browsers in my opinion, but is only really known in it’s mobile form: Opera Mini. The desktop browser is a fantastic piece of software that, like its mobile counterpart, offers the Link utility which can synchronise your: Bookmarks, Speed Dial, Personal Bar, Notes, Typed browser history and Custom searches. This allows you to simply log on to your My Opera account through Opera on any machine (And even your mobile phone!) and get your saved data. I’ve found this to be particularly useful to synchronise my work and home browsing and research. Get it here.
  2. DirSyncPro. This is a great little tool that I found (thanks to an old copy of a local computer magazine) that can be used to synchronise your files across multiple machines. You start it up and tell it which folders to sync with which and then click Go. This might sound a little silly – why not just copy/paste your files across? I don’t know about you but to me that seems a little tedious at times – having to navigate to all the various directories and copy the one file to the other machine only to realise a little later that you copied the wrong one or didn’t copy them all and now you have to go back and do it all over again. What complete unnecessary hassle that is. DirSyncPro is completely free. Get it here.
  3. Synergy. This app. isn’t for syncronising files, folders or web content. It also has nothing to do with syncing your watch to the atomic clock. This tool is for those of us with multiple computers running at the same time on the same desk, who are tired and irritated with having to switch mice and keyboards or plug your mouse out of one machine to put it in the other. This app. runs a client/server architecture in the background with the sole intention of making it possible to use your mouse and keyboard on two separate machines with as little hassle as possible. You set it up by indicating which machine is the client and which the server (the server being the one that the mouse and keyboard are connected to) and indicate the physical positioning of the two screens and let it run. Now the matter of switching the mouse to another computer is a simple task of gliding your mouse over to that screen, very similar to when you have a multi-screen layout, except that now it’s two separate machines that may or may not be running different operating systems. It also synchronises the clipboards of the two machines as an added bonus. I’m using it at the moment between my desktop and laptop which are running Windows 7 and Vista respectively. Get it here.
  4. For those of you with Android phones, now is the time to start using Google Calender and Google Contacts. Google stuff has always been pretty great, what with being able to save your entries anywhere and access them from wherever, not to mention it being free. Now it’s just become better because you can set your Android phone to sync with all your Google goodies. Calender and contact entries synced for you and all you have to do is tick two check boxes.
  5. Dropbox. An interesting development that gives you space to store files that are automagically uploaded to the Interblags so that you can access them from pretty much anywhere. There are a few other contenders out there, but I decided on using Dropbox as they give you free space (and you can purchase more), and offer desktop clients for Windows, Linux and Mac as well as mobile clients for Android and iOS. Sign up and get the desktop clients here. The Android and iOS clients are on their respective Markets.

That’s it from me for now. Go get synced!


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