Book Review: Terry Goodkind – The Law of Nines

Having been a Terry Goodkind fan for a good many years and after reading all eleven books in his Sword of Truth series, I was quite excited to hear that he was working on a new novel. I bought it as soon as I could and started reading, expecting the start of a new Terry Goodkind classic – fantasy literature at its best.

The Sword of Truth series had me captivated from start to finish (except for a brief moment in the middle – The Pillars of Creation – long story; ask me later) with in depth protagonists and villains, and a plot written in true style. I started reading the series in high school and often enough got strange looks for carrying around 1000+ page novels in my blazer pocket and even stranger looks for reading the things. After eleven books of excellent writing, I could only expect something equally amazing.

I expected it, but shouldn’t have. The Law of Nines is, in short, disappointing.

The characters seem a little thin. To be even more honest, they seem to be borrowed from the Sword of Truth series. They have different physical appearances, but their actual character and mannerisms are much too familiar. Alex Rahl and Jax Amnell (the new protagonists) are Richard Rahl and Kahlan Amnell (the protagonists in the Sword of Truth series), just with less history and less rounded characterisations. The antagonist, Radell Cain, also reminds me of both Darken Rahl and Jagang, the main antagonists that featured in the Sword of Truth series.

The plot also seems vaguely reminiscent of Wizards First Rule, the first book in the Sword of Truth series.(I won’t post spoilers. If you want to know why I say this, give me a shout.)

The Law of Nines feels like a hastily written book – incomplete on various levels. Terry Goodkind fans will, more than likely, not enjoy it. Readers new to Terry Goodkind may find it more bearable and possibly more approachable than the Sword of Truth series – the latter due to its much diminished size from most of the Sword of Truth books.


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