A Day To Remember?

It seems that this year wants to be a memorable one until its final dying breath. It’s true, it’ll be a year that many of us will remember for a long time still (but perhaps we would rather like to forget).

Take a look at my scorecard for this final day of 2009:

I pitched up at work, 08:00 as per usual and carried on from where I left off yesterday, all the while knowing that today is at least a half day, so knock off time is 12:00. Just before 12:00 my colleague gets a call that one of the pieces we’ve developed and sent off for business testing doesn’t work because the business testers send the data in a different way than we had originally developed for.

Now some background here: The business testing people told us to get developing and use our own test data, they didn’t have time right now to give us the test data, but we can use the development data that we had done previously for different clients as a baseline.

So back in the game, business testing tells us the one template doesn’t work because they didn’t tell us how they were planning on sending the data this time. However, the change in that one template is also necessary in the 20+ other templates that we have already submitted for business testing. Business testing is the phase after development, developmental testing and QA. So we have to pull a week’s worth of work back three phases and repeat them again because we did what they told us to.

After spending the better part of 2 hours making the changes (that’s the easy part, I might have you know), I figured I won’t submit it now again because come Monday, some idiot will want another dozen changes for no good reason. So I head home.

At home, my power decided to trip. A regular occurrence and usually not one to be concerned about. My computer seems concerned about it though. My desktop refuses to see the Internet connection, or even the router for that matter, so it looks like the power surge blasted away my network port for the second time. I know the Internet connection works, because my phone and laptop are only too happy to connect to its WiFi.

This is just my scorecard. I’ve already seen that quite a few other people aren’t having the most wonderful last day of ’09. So go ahead, share your day, it’ll probably make mine.


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