Post Zero

If you read the short(below the title) then you would already know that this blog is intended to be about many things, all of which interest me in one way or another. These may be anything from technological or gaming reviews to the far reaches of philosophical discussions and contemplations. This is my blog post zero, the first of hopefully many more.

I’ve often considered starting a blog but never went through with it, as I figured I wouldn’t have enough time to dedicate to it. However, today I was sitting at work I found myself bored senseless as I was waiting for test data from someone who started late and took quite some time in getting to my query that I had emailed him first thing this morning. It made me come to realise that there is actually enough time for these sorts of things and that I have just been making excuses for the sake of excuses.

As this is post zero (Yes, you read that correctly. Post zero, not post oh or post one. More on this later…) I think some background information is applicable.

I am a full-time Computer Science student at the University of Pretoria in South Africa. I will be finishing up my degree in 2010 after a dreadful decision in 2007 to start studying BScIT(Bioinformatics). This involved me having to do second year Microbiology which did not agree with me, nor I with it. They are dreadful subjects of fact memorisation with the greatest problem being that there are hordes of facts and, unlike the amino’s that we needed to know off by heart, I could not synthesise them on the fly. Thus, I changed my degree in the second semester of my third year with the result being that I have to spend a year catching up on all the elective subjects that I missed in my first two years.

As I am a Computer Science student, I do some things differently than what you may normally expect. For instance: This blog post is titled “Blog post zero” instead of “Blog post one”. In Computer Science, at least where I’m from, counting starts at zero. Array index zero is the first element; Memory location zero is the first location; That sort of thing. Also it’s not “oh”, it’s “zero”. Just like it’s not favor, it’s favour.

I am currently on holiday from University, though to call it that is slightly incorrect as I have taken up a job at a company in Pretoria for the next 3-4 months. It is the first real IT-related job that I’ve had and, even though it is not particularly challenging, I’m still enjoying it – at least up until I have to sit there waiting for work that never comes.

So there’s University, there’s work and in between those two I do a few other things – reading, gaming and strumming a few notes on my bass guitar featuring most prominently among those.

As I have mentioned before, this blog is for intended many things. Some days I might post a review of something that I’ve been using or playing for a while and I feel I have to say something. Other days I might consider sharing some thoughts on something that may have happened to me or someone close to me. I could share something to do with programming or something philosophical or something existential – in the latter case please slap me until I regain my senses.

I welcome constructive comments from anyone. Discussing something like the rational beings we are is our means to learning and true understanding (or for the more Zen of you, true enlightenment). Discussions let us see things from perspectives that we may never have considered and would not have thought of. Note, however, that I say constructive comments. Posting “U R stoopid” is not a comment, it’s an insult to me, you and the rest of humanity. Disagree with me all you like, but give reasons why you say so.

Also, please try to format any comments into respectable English. I spend time editing my posts, the least you can do when posting a comment is to make sure that it’s legible and neat. Leet-speak is not a language and neither is sms-ese (or whatever people call that abomination used when texting). If your English isn’t very good that’s fine, it’s my second language as well, just keep it sensible.

So there you are: Some background; Some general etiquette; My first (if slightly lengthy) blog post.


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