HTC Tattoo – The Story So Far

I’ve had the HTC Tattoo for almost a week now and I’ve been trying to put it through its paces to be able to give a complete account. I think I’ve been doing a reasonably good job, but the thing keeps popping up with new features and functions.

Mostly I’ve been trying to get the hang of everything as it’s a complete first for me – first HTC; first Android phone; first touch screen phone – so it’s very different to what I’m used to but definitely in a good way.

On the hardware side I’m ecstatic. The screen is the second best touch screen I’ve used, only being surpassed by the iPhone. It’s more responsive than the HTC Magic in my opinion and the Magic is a capacitive screen as opposed to the resistive screen of the Tattoo; the former is generally accepted to be a better technology.

The tactile buttons are well placed and are also easy to use without spoiling the aesthetics of the rest of the phone.

The speaker is nice and load and the sound quality is clear.

On the software side I simply don’t have words to describe my joy.

Android is the best cell OS that I’ve had the pleasure to use. It’s fast, responsive and easy to use. I haven’t had to restart the phone or manually go in and kill a stubborn application or, for that matter, do anything but enjoy my experience of the phone to the utmost.

HTC have also done an excellent job with their new Sense experience. It integrates seamlessly and just serves to increase my already glowing joy. I also haven’t yet managed to fill up all seven of the home screens with applications or shortcuts.

Transferring files and syncing with your PC is also just as easy. The sync software is on the phone itself (HTC chose not to burden users with a CD) and installs easily and is simple to use. Sadly the Sync software doesn’t yet work with Windows 7, but fortunately I still had Vista on my laptop and, now that I think about it, it’s probably better if I do all the syncing and development on there rather than mess up my desktop again.

All in all the HTC Tattoo is a great phone. If you’re in the market for a touch screen smartphone with app support and more gizmos on it than in a mad scientist’s lab and your budget is a little strained, then I would definitely recommend the Tattoo. If you do have a little more to spend then I can only imagine that the Hero would be the phone for you. If you can wait a little bit though, then hang around as HTC have announced a whole plethora of devices due for release in 2010 not to mention the hot rumours of the Google phone.

I seemed to have forgotten to mention something about the camera and the battery life.

A camera on a phone is never a big deal to me and it’s one of the features I consider last, if ever. It’s my thinking that if I want a camera, I’ll get a camera as they’re always better as a dedicated device.

The camera on the Tattoo is nothing to write home about. It doesn’t have a flash – which is a little disappointing because I do like to have a flashlight on my phone – and it can’t zoom in much. If push comes to shove then you have a camera handy, but you won’t be taking action shots with the thing.

The battery life is also a little on the low side but that may be due to the fact that I can’t leave it alone for very long without doing something with it. Continuous use will drain it within the day, but if you have either a power point or a computer handy then it won’t be problem.


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