HTC Tattoo – First Impressions

If you read the previous post, you might have gathered that I spent a lot of time deciding what phone to get. The long hours researching phones and brands and mobile Operating Systems has finally brought me to the point where I have got my new phone: The HTC Tattoo.

I’m used to receiving a sizable package for my cellphone, so getting this tiny (14.5cm x 8.9cm) package for the Tattoo put me a little on edge. Not to fret though, the package contains everything you need: Earphones, power adapter/data cable, memory card, manuals and phone.

The power adapter is a 3-piece affair, with the plug having a detachable head and cable. The cable doubles as the PC input, which in my mind is just genius.

The phone looks good in black and silver (see above) and it feels light and comfortable in the hand. The back panel slides out easily enough and the battery is similarly easy to remove and reinstall as is the Sim card. Unfortunately, you have to remove the back panel to get to the memory card, but it’s really not a big hassle for me.

It’s on charge at the moment so we’ll see if the actual phone gives as good a first impression as the packaging did.


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